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OTechnology Group

Believes in provide the highest possible customer service in the delivery of on-site technical support and our professional IT staffing solutions.  We are very aware of the competitive landscape and service challenges of our industry and we believe strongly that our core value proposition must be centered on service, price and our on-site warranty guaranty.  Our goal is to consistently meet your needs and exceed your expectations by providing quality on-site IT services and IT staffing solutions.  On-Site, On-Time and On-Budget.




On-Site:                                    $119.00 / per hour

After Hours*:                           $149.00 / per hour

Weekend and Holiday:           $179.00 / per hour

Remote:                                    $ 79.00 / per hour

Rush**:                                     $ 59.00 / one time flat fee

*After hours is defined as; before 7am and after 5pm local.
**Applies to same day only.


 IT Staffing PRICING:


Contact us to provide a custom quote based on the following; location, IT expertise required, length of assignment, schedule and type of work. We look forward to providing a detailed and industry competitive quote to meet your specific requirements.




Client agrees to pay OTechnology Group by major credit card (Visa, Master Card, or American Express) before and/or at the time of service. For on-site IT service, your credit card will be charged for one hour prior to the technician arriving on-site, and the remaining balance, if any, will be charged after the appointment has concluded and sign off has been received.  For remote service, the credit card will be charged after the remote service call is completed.

Payment terms for all contracted and Managed Services will be governed by those agreements.




OTechnology Group offers a best-in-class next business day warranty.  If the same problem occurs within 24-hours of your on-site visit, we will return at an agreed upon time to fix the problem at no cost to you.  We know that our Guaranteed Warranty is extremely rare and unusual in our industry – we like to think that we are too.  We have a great deal of confidence in our business and we want our customers to do so as well.




OTechnology Group offers ad-hoc on-site IT service, corporate agreements, maintenance and service agreements, and IT staffing solution agreements.  Agreement terms and pricing are based on the location, scope and type of work and skills required, and will be competitively customized for each customer.


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