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About Us

About Us



OTechnology Group, LLC. provides on-site IT Services and IT Staffing Solutions throughout North America.  OTechnology Group manages a far-reaching network of approximately twenty-thousand Tier 1, 2, and 3 field technicians who are available to work 24×7 throughout the United States and Canada, providing best-in-class on-site tech support.   Our core strengths are years of technical and operational experience, our internal processes which leverage best-of-breed technology and world-class customer service to set us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to be “flawless” in the eyes of our customers and deliver world-class onsite technology services and be their IT Staffing Agency of choice.


We provide the following technology support & maintenance on-site IT services throughout North America:


ATM / POS / Kiosk

Desktop / Laptop / Tablet

HD Displays


Printer / Copier

Project Management

Relocation Services

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We provide on-site IT services and IT Staffing Solutions that strive to meet the highest expectations of our customers and this differentiates OTechnology Group from its competitors. From small to large businesses the complaints about technology support remain the same: responsiveness, quality, performance, compliance, security, price and a failure to anticipate their clients’ needs.  While “price” is the most often discussed differentiator, it rarely makes the top five technology support concerns of businesses today!  The businesses of on-site technology support and IT Staffing Solutions are commoditized as everyone’s prices are about the same, but are their on-site IT services and IT Staffing Solutions?  Sadly, the answer is no and it is here that OTechnology Group stands out from the others by consistently provide on-site tech services and IT Staffing Solutionsthat exceed customer expectations:


Responsive: We will answer your email or call, examine issues from your businesses perspective and evolve as your needs do, provide cradle-to-grave resolution on all issues and get back to you on that quote or proposal. Our state-of-the-art customer portal provides you with real-time service request logging, updates, reports, copies of invoices, and more.


Quality, Performance, Compliance and Security:  We will meet or exceed your expectations for service delivery with our team of highly qualified and certified on-site tech support field technicians.  Our solutions and consulting will allow you to meet all of your regulatory, compliance and security needs.


Price:  We offer a best-of-breed onsite technology services at competitive market pricing and with something very rare in our industry; a warranty on all of our on-site IT services break fix work.


The mission of OTechnology Group is to be a great information technology provider that is known for its outstanding customer on-site IT services, IT Staffing Solutions and strong client relationships.

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Our Team

Our Team

OTechnology Group is committed to being the best on-site IT services and IT Staffing Solutions company in the marketplace today and to do so we have to provide a high quality products backed by a team of talented, qualified and committed technologists.


The OTechnology Group management team average over twenty years in the on-site IT services and IT Staffing Solutions industries with proven track records in customer service, project delivery and operational excellence.  We leverage our collective abilities to provide a high-quality on-site technology services and IT Staffing Solutions for our clients in an industry where excellent on-site IT services and IT Staffing Solutions are, unfortunately, rare.


The single most important differentiator in the on-site technology support and IT staffing industries are the IT staff. We know that and work very hard to bring together the best IT support staff in the industry.  Experienced and qualified on-site tech services and IT Staffing Solutions workers are the best way to avoid problems, delays and re-work.  Conversely, inexperienced and unqualified on-site tech support workers will disappoint and lead to added expenses and time-consuming re-work.


OTechnology Group has verified that ALL of our field technicians are:


    • Certified (Accredited Organizations Only)
    • Passed Background and Drug Test
    • Covered Fully by Insurance
    • Proven Work Experience
    • Reliable and Professional


Our people are our most important and best assets.  OTechnology Group is focused and committed to maintaining the leading on-site tech support, IT Staffing Solutions and delivery team in the North American marketplace.  It is only this that allows us to provide a truly world-class on-site technology services and IT Staffing Solutions to our customers.


Find out what our world-class on-site tech support and IT Staffing Solutions teams can do for you. Send us an email or give us a call.

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