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Company Overview


OTechnology Group, LLC. provides world-class on-site IT support and IT staffing solutions throughout North America. We maintain a far-reaching network of approximately twenty-thousand Tier 1, 2, and 3 field technicians who are highly experienced, proficient and available to work 24×7 throughout the United States and Canada. Our core strengths are years of technical and operational experience and our internal processes which leverage our best-of-breed technology and world-class customer service that set us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to be “flawless” in the eyes of our customers and deliver a true world-class IT support service.

Existing clients range from global commercial real-estate firms to small regional banks to single location retail businesses.

We are technologist but our focus is on our customers and their businesses.  We understand that you want your IT problems resolved quickly, effectively and at reasonable cost, so that you can focus on your business and not your IT problems.  We bring our unique expertise and technical knowledge together to solve technology problems and deliver complex solutions for our customers.  This is the core of what we do and combined with our focus on customer service defines our company and its mission.  Many of our competitors get lost in the technology and tools of our trade and consequently lose sight of their clients’ needs. Certainly, the tools, applications, processes, deployed technology, and resources are the foundations of the service we offer; but the actual needs of our clients’ business and the impact of technology and automation must be taken into consideration.  This is why the most important component of our service is our people.  It is here that we make our most important and long-term decisions and largest investments.  Our people are ultimately the primary reason for our success and our clients’ satisfaction.

OTechnology Group’s on-site IT support and IT staffing solutions bring to the marketplace solutions that resolve your IT problems, protects your business and do so with predictable and reasonable pricing.  We bring peace of mind and security to the management and operation of IT assets for their entire life-cycle.


We promise to:

    • Deliver on all of our commitments
    • Stand behind all the work we do
    • Meet or exceed your expectations
    • Work to understand your technology needs
    • Evaluate the impact of technology and automation on your business
    • Evolve our services as your needs change
    • Cover your regulatory and compliance issues
    • Continue to innovate and adopt new technologies
    • Help ensure that you are realizing the costs saving benefits of your technology
    • Build a relationship of trust and respect

OTechnology Group would be delighted to learn about your business and its technology needs and to assist you in solving them.  Please contact us today by email or phone.


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