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Craig Skinner
Craig Skinner
OTechnology Group, LLC.

Is an experienced technologist with over twenty-five years in Information Technology. His leadership expertise spans a full range of operational functions: finance, customer service, administration, legal, IT & managed services, software development and delivery, vendor management, distributed global operations implementation and management and creating a strong value proposition for customers are some of his many skills. Craig previously worked at Sabre Inc., the leading global supplier of technology to the travel industry, for twenty years and his last position there was as Director of Global Infrastructure. He is a business technology leader equipped and capable to handle any situation impeding client operations or initiatives.

Throughout his career, Craig has brought vision and thought leadership to exact needed change and engage everyone in the tasks at hand. His talent in engaging with clients and employees at every level benefits OTechnology Group and its clients immeasurably by ensuring success and instilling loyalty and excitement.


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